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Clean Slate

Last year was very challenging for me. I started the year off teaching at a brand new studio. At first, I was excited and hopeful. After a few months, my blinders were off. I’m not going to mention the name of the studio or the issues that I had. All I will say is that it left me with a lack luster experience and questioning my skills as a teacher.

Then another opportunity came to me and I began teaching at the Senior Center. Wow! These ladies (and Joe) gave me so much positive feedback. A year later, I am still there and they were even open to a weekly mindfulness meditation class. I am honored that even though they are older and wiser than me, they consider me to be there teacher, when in fact they are all my teachers. They have taught me to embrace more of who I am and to care a lot less of what other people think of me (part of my inspiration for this post).

Back to my story, after the lack luster experience, the new rewarding opportunity, another opportunity came my way. This is were it went downhill for me. Once again, I won’t get into specifics about the person or studio. All I will say is that to this day there is an unpaid invoice for work that I did. I was told that I overcharged for my consulting work......................................First of all, I don’t think so Huney! No one can tell me what my worth is – except ME! Second of all, I was not being told the truth about the financials or funding (which by the way if you can’t afford to pay for services rendered than don’t hire someone to do the work). Anyway, in the midst of all this BS going on in my professional career, I had a health issue arise (saving this for another blog because it’s a long freaking story).

Then, a few more professional opportunities came my way that I am unbelievably grateful for. But, hold on it gets better! Bam, another health issue. Let's just say....It was a roller-coaster ride that I couldn’t get off.

All I could do was hold on with my eyes closed and wait for it to finally stop. Even as I write this post - I am still emotionally, mentally, and physically dealing with the residuals of last year. I am baffled that I questioned my better judgement and I am more baffled that I did not stand up for myself and scream at the top of my lungs. Instead, I maintained my composure and politely walked away. The problem is that I walked away angry, hurt, and restful.

The Yoga business is not all peace, love, and happiness. There is another side of it that is just down right nasty. It took me 13 years to experience that side of the business. As I write this blog about my experience, I plan on writing more to share my experiences, I will tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help me GOD, this is the only way for me to wipe the slate clean, regain my power, and grow.