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The Great and Powerful Oz

During a scene in the Wizard of Oz, somewhere between the house landing on a witch and Dorothy climbing into a hot air balloon, there’s a scene where the man behind the curtain is revealed. Behind the curtain, you see a man running a device that’s creating the giant, intimidating head. As Toto pulls the curtain back, he says, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” wanting to divert their attention back to the projection he’s made.

Lately, this is how I’ve been feeling about social media.

Am I seeing the real you? Or, am I seeing the version of you that you want me to see? Are you sharing something for my benefit (or at least enjoyment)? Or, are you sharing something only to benefit yourself?

As I’m pulling more of the curtain back on these digital platforms, I am beginning to spend less time on social media, something that digital marketers might frown upon since it’s “one of the best ways to market myself!” In fact, I recently had a consultation with a well known public figure about the importance of social media in growing my business and brand awareness. This conversation made me aware that, in order to be digitally relevant, I not only have to post on social media 24-7, but I need to be liking/commenting on everything else too.

But, at the end of the day, this just doesn’t jive with me.

After a long observation, I have come to realize that the more time I spend on social media, the more tension I hold in my body and the more irritated I get. I feel more peaceful on the days I avoid it.

Is it just me or am I hypersensitive to all the crap that I’m being inundated with?

When I let myself get swept up in the waves of feeds and constant scrolling, I feel like I am suffocating, a pillow being held over my face as I’m forced to engage with endless posts, threads, and invites. And, no matter how successful it might make me look online, isn’t it nothing more than a giant curtain to hide my real life behind?