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Hey, You Need to Namaste

I recently found myself hanging out and enjoying life at the home of one of my good friends. Actually, let me rephrase that. This friend is an AMAZING girlfriend; we’ve known each other since we were both sixteen-years-old. She has seen me through the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between. She is what I consider a ROD (Ride Or Die) type of friend.

Though not quite an emotional crisis, I was at a frustrating place in my career and having a bad day. So, to cope, I took a day off from life and spent it with her and her five-year-old twin boys. It might sound simple enough, but it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. In those few short hours, I had many revelations. It was therapy minus the couch (and fee).

We laid out in the pool while the boys splashed and asked us to throw toys near the steps in the shallow end so they could swim and find them. One of them complained his goggles were too tight while the other blew snot rockets in the water.

It was Amaze Balls.

Children are such curious creatures. They are always 100% present and in the moment. Their concerns are:

1.) I have to go pee/poop.

2.) I’m hungry.

After the pool, we attempted to watch Moana, but the attempt was unsuccessful. It took awhile for the boys to settle down, but they finally did. And, as we settled into the afternoon, I came to realize that what I was fretting over didn’t matter.

It didn’t matter at all.

In that moment, I was 100% there and able to let it all go. That day was a reminder of the power of friendship, of those true authentic connection we are lucky to share with each other. In those moments, my friend offered me that mama bear size hug that I so needed. Although some might consider the day full of chaos (having kids isn’t easy, let alone five-year-old twins), I experienced grounding and the support of love like no other. Her boys even colored me some really cool pictures, mementos from the day that are still on my fridge.

At one point during the day, while we were in the pool, one of the boys started to get grumpy.

I turned to look at him and said, “You need to Namaste, my friend.”