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According to the blog featured on Macmillan Dictionary, “Kindness comes from the Old English word ‘kyndnes’ meaning ‘nation’ or ‘produce, increase’. The word is further derived from the Middle English word ‘kindenes’ meaning ‘noble deeds’ or ‘courtesy’. The first recorded use of the word kindness was in the 14th century.”

After reading articles and popular quotes about kindness, I decided that Macmillan’s definition resonated with me the most this past week. When I am kind or demonstrate an act of kindness, whether it’s for myself or someone else, I do feel that I am performing a noble deed. It’s as if I am somehow transported into another realm of reality, one where I feel this overwhelming sense of gratitude for everything.

I know, it sounds totally cheesy and part of some New Age “blah blah blah” enlightenment speech, but, if you’ve ever experienced this yourself, you’ll admit there is something to it. That’s why as a society we have created all of these ‘Pay It Forward’ movements: The person in front of you at Starbucks pays for your latte, videos go viral of people dumping ice on their head for ALS, a person goes out of their way to hold the door open for you, you get passed to the front of the line at the store because you only have one item… The list goes on and on.

All of these small acts of kindness add up. And, most importantly, they matter. In fact, everything we do on a daily basis matters. It doesn’t even just start with our actions - it all starts with our thoughts. The more we think of doing kind things, the more fluid the actions become. I believe that everything is energy and that we are all connected in some way. Taking care of each other is just another way to take care of ourselves.

Every morning, I write in my gratitude journal. This helps me start my day with a mindset that puts me in harmony with the feeling of gratitude.

Every day, I am grateful for something different. The one thing that is consistent is that I am grateful for the love and support I receive. I am truly grateful and it is my privilege to take care of those around me.